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Research scientist Dr. Kizzie Corbett stood right by the side of long time civil rights activist and icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. while he received his vaccination against the coronavirus. Still on the battlefield for empowerment of underserved communities, Rev. Jackson mustered a fist to show his resolve to continue the fight for our well being. Please share!

Thanks to Jamie Logan Friend of the Network for sharing this article.

The Minority Men’s Network has started using a newapplication (at least it’s new to us) for our electronic communications. It’s taken some getting used to so please bear with us as we work the bugs out and get up to speed.

Please let us know your thoughts while we’re working to continue to provide information and awareness to our members and friends.

Thank You in advance for your patience and support!


The Network continues to provide a “reader” every week at 10:00am for our Reading Program with Nora Stewart Early Learning Center. It’s hard to measure the effects on our children of having MEN, especially BLACK MEN reading to them, but the Network is committed to this project. Dr. Fred Williams III has done a fantastic job of coordinating this work for us and we are soliciting ADDITIONAL men to help us in trying to have an impact on these children. It only takes about 20 minutes, it’s a lot of fun, the kids are great and they really enjoy your being there. We guarantee it will put a smile on your face!

For questions and/or to participate, please e-mail Dr. Williams at: